No Crying Haircuts!

October 30, 2018

Tips for a Successful Haircut


Any time that you are taking your child for an experience that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable, use these tips to help! Remember that making the experience as familiar and predictable as possible makes your child feel safe.


  • Take pictures of the salon/barber shop. Show this to your child and talk about it many times so that they have a sense of familiarity with the facility before you get there.
  • Take pictures of the stylist/barber. Talk about them as “friends” and describe how nice they are and that they cut hair all the time, so they will know how to cut your hair.
  • Visit the salon/barber shop without getting a haircut. This allows your child to get used the environment; the sights, sounds, smells, lighting, people, equipment, etc. Let them look at the equipment. Have someone turn on the clippers, etc. so that they can get used to the sounds.
  • Make a visual schedule so that they know what is coming up and can check things off as they happen i.e.-driving to the salon/barber shop, walking into the building, sitting in the chair, putting on the apron, getting the haircut, paying the cashier and leaving. You can even include a reward at the end!